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16 June 2011 - 23:39Hey


Why Alireza :D


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13 June 2011 - 4:57Hamid Was Spying on His Neighbour

Hamid is a very interesting guy, every morning he wakes up he opens up the curtains and he starts waiting for his 75 year old neighbor to come to the window so he can take another shot with his secret spy camera. Hooshang caught Hamid doing that once but he never listens, every time he wakes up he’s rushing to the window.

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10 June 2011 - 3:34Hamid’s Secret Shopping Spree

It was Tuesday morning Hamid left the house, he told his mom and dad that he will be back sometime afternoon, he’s going to school for an important lecture due to upcoming exams. Hooshang made some coffee, laid back in a chair, turned on his favorite sports channel, the game between Chelsea and Manchester was ON! Hamid’s sister was doing her homework, mother was cooking salad for her friend’s tomorrow birthday party. C’lock showed 8 pm when Hooshang started looking out of the window to see if his son is coming home or not, clocked showed 9, then 10, then 11. Hamid’s mother started to get worried why her son didn’t come back after his lecture as he promised. Nerves struck and Hooshang picked up the phone dialing police to see if Hamid is in jail, then hospital, then reanimation center, no answer followed from neither. 1 am was nearing as Hooshang heard some noise outside of the window, hearing a chit-chattering with two men voices, one of them sounded like his son’s. He wasn’t mistaking, Hamid stood outside talking to his friend Alireza, turned out he caught up with him after school lecture and they went on a shopping spree. Alireza bought him a whole lot of goods, for what nobody knows.. Nonetheless this is what Hamid brought home after his mysterious adventure:

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