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8 June 2014 - 14:39How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?


This article is designed to ensure that the buyer has formed its opinion and made ​​the right choice.

Location criteria have been filtered in order of importance from most to least important 

1) Type of the robot cleaner.

There are 3 categories of iRobot vacuum cleaners:

a) Dry cleaning
b) For wet cleaning
c) Polishers

Each category in its own way to something better than the other. It all depends on your tasks.

For example, someone wants to get rid of the abundance of dog hair in the apartment, someone bothered to shine forever flush white tile and the other wants to regularly maintain the floor in a sterile condition.

Consider all categories in order …

a) The robot cleaner for dry cleaning.

Especially for dry cleaning company iRobot has developed a line of models called Roomba.

The best-selling category of robots. Was first released in 2002.

As of 2010 it sold more than 5 million Roomba in the world.


Roomba more versatile than Scooba (wet cleaning) and Braava (polishers), as:

  • Absolutely clean all types of coatings: parquet, laminate flooring, carpets, tiles, tile linoleum and t. d.
  • Effectively able to remove a large area on a single battery charge (60 to 130 m in Depending on from model ).
  • The most easy to use: Charge robot – clicked. After cleaning the trash emptied. Once a week you need to carry out preventive maintenance: cleaning pads to clean brushes and wheel. The procedure is not difficult, but necessary. More about it in this article.
  • Good cross. Able to move jumpers partitions up to 2.5 cm.
  • All Roomba have recognition sensor dirty areas.
  • Capable of finding its own charging base and become charging.

Roomba has a suction pump and is a complete vacuum. collects sand, small and medium-sized pieces of debris, dust, hair, hair.

To solve the problem with a regular cleaning animal hair – we recommend the Roomba.

Also, it is perfectly clean carpets with pile depth to 2.5 cm

All models except the Roomba 620 , equipped with a timer. Adjust the cleaning schedule at a convenient time for you!

b) The robot cleaner for wet cleaning.

Specially for wet cleaning company iRobot has developed a line of models called Scooba .

Scooba washes floors. Sprays clean moisture, cleans the surface of the brushes and then sucks the moisture already dirty in a separate tank.

It is recommended in cases where the surface dirt-you want to flush out the water.


Excellent for cleaning tile and glazed tile.

The less crowded area of cleaning, the more effective the Scooba .

Cleaned surface should be smooth, waterproof and rainproof.

Scooba cleans porous coating.

Scooba has no timer.

Scooba does not get himself to recharge.


The main advantages of Scooba :

  • Uses exclusively net water for cleaning, t. to.  has separate compartment for dirty water.
  • Washes closed space (under cabinets, sofas, tables, etc.)
  • Scooba bit works as vacuum cleaner on “Nose” set suction port.
  • Can be brought into the action of the already wet floor.

c) Robot-polisher.

Line robotic polishers called Braava .

His mission – dry and wet rubbing all hard surfaces of any type.


Detailed description of the principle of Braava , can be found in our article .

Main advantages Braava :

  • Combines dry and wet cleaning.
  • Practically silent.
  • Uses GPS navigation, which allows extremely precise pass all sections.
  • Has a miniature size, rides everywhere.
  • Affordable price.

2. Area of cleaning.

Model, cleaning up area 60 sq.m. will be unable to carry out the cleaning (per cycle) in a room with an area of 120 sq. m.

Therefore, we recommend to stop the choice on the robot the ability to cover fully the planned harvesting area!

For example, Roomba 620 covers 60 sq. m. He will cope with dry cleaning in 1-2 room flats.

3. Components and equipment.

More expensive models (for example, Roomba 780) have additional equipment: timer, remote control, virtual wall, more complex filtration system, etc.

Low cost models (eg Roomba 620) equipped with the necessary minimum for cleaning.

More familiar with the equipment robotic vacuum cleaners you can in our table of comparative characteristics.

However, you can purchase additional you are interested in quality accessory additions in our online store.

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