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8 September 2012 - 4:02Fender Guitars

Well ,

About 3 years ago i bought a fender guitar FV3 sunburst .it took me about 3 month’s to find teh right effect and amp for it

but it is absolutely the most incredible thing i have ever had in my life


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23 April 2011 - 11:46Release Date of Nikon D5100

The upcoming 16.2 mega pixels DSLR Nikon Camera will be available in Nikon authorized dealers within the US around the middle of May (According to what  Nikon Support team says)
Nikon D5100


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11 October 2009 - 0:47Start Shopping Online

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to e Shopping Blog , actually its an internet shopping blog , i m not really a shopaholic . but in this blog i will post my research results about buying stuffs . and i hope you will read and you will be liking it.

Good luck .

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