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10 June 2011 - 3:34Hamid’s Secret Shopping Spree

It was Tuesday morning Hamid left the house, he told his mom and dad that he will be back sometime afternoon, he’s going to school for an important lecture due to upcoming exams. Hooshang made some coffee, laid back in a chair, turned on his favorite sports channel, the game between Chelsea and Manchester was ON! Hamid’s sister was doing her homework, mother was cooking salad for her friend’s tomorrow birthday party. C’lock showed 8 pm when Hooshang started looking out of the window to see if his son is coming home or not, clocked showed 9, then 10, then 11. Hamid’s mother started to get worried why her son didn’t come back after his lecture as he promised. Nerves struck and Hooshang picked up the phone dialing police to see if Hamid is in jail, then hospital, then reanimation center, no answer followed from neither. 1 am was nearing as Hooshang heard some noise outside of the window, hearing a chit-chattering with two men voices, one of them sounded like his son’s. He wasn’t mistaking, Hamid stood outside talking to his friend Alireza, turned out he caught up with him after school lecture and they went on a shopping spree. Alireza bought him a whole lot of goods, for what nobody knows.. Nonetheless this is what Hamid brought home after his mysterious adventure:

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5 May 2011 - 10:38Super Radio

This radio is so good, you need to buy one. Everybody has one, go ahead and buy one too. Hamid has 9 of them.

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5 May 2011 - 10:36Ray Gun

Hello! This is a very wonderful thing, Hamid likes it so much. You need to buy one too. Hamid has 5 of them.

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4 May 2011 - 11:47Enlarge your Dick with These New Pills

Dr. Hamid Nasrolahi spent 28 years developing this new formula that will enlarge your penis 15 times bigger. Definitely have to check it out! Stock on supplies for 50 years upfront.

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19 April 2011 - 7:05NEW BATMAN GAME! DOoooooooOOPE Must See

Hello! My friend Hamid loves this game, he played it yesterday for 23 hours in a row, since he got it from the store. He was saving the funds for it for two months! Now that he finally got it he enjoyed it so much. It has to be good isn’t it?! If Hamid enjoyed it so much – you will enjoy it too, trust me! This is the best game ever and forever, c’mon now who doesn’t like Batman these days? Show me at least one person. I say – let’s go and buy this game, let’s purchase 100 of them at once and it shall be all good. Let’s just do it, please. Here it is!

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27 March 2011 - 14:58Revivogen Serum (S&C) Value Pack

  • Revivogen helps with hair loss among men and women
  • Revivogen is natural, safe and effective
  • Proven results for more than 10 years
  • Stop hair loss and promote hair growth
  • Ideal for men and women in early stage hair loss

User review:
“Used for 1 month. Like way makes hair feel and look. Too early to judge if it will stop hair loss and help regrowth”

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18 January 2011 - 14:17Award-Winning, Best-Selling eReader

Best of the best – nOOK

A great price starting at $149

Click here to Buy Nook Wi-Fi for just $149!

OR buy an Upgraded Nook Color

G4, 2010 Consumer Electronics Show
    * Over 2 million books download wirelessly in seconds
    * Reads like paper with crisp, clear text
    * Extra-long battery life, read for days
    * Exclusive LendMe lets you share reading with friends

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6 January 2011 - 14:19Guide to Hard Milling and Highspeed

This volume is a continuation of Hard Milling; High Speed Machining: Tools of Change. It featured different cutters developed for hard milling and high speed machining. In this current guide, you will find yet more variables associated with this process. Six machine manufacturers are covered in the first six chapters: Mikron, Okuma, Yasda, Roku Roku, Johnford and Moore. They explain the different approaches to building machines for this process.

Also covered are two holder manufacturers Heartech Precision and Big Kaiser, one probe and laser manufacturer Blum. Furthermore the author includes some of his most recent development work done on hard-to-machine materials and new cutters on the market today.

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3 January 2011 - 14:50ASUS Graphic Card ENGTX460 1GB GDDR5


Get  from NewEgg 4 a Good Price

ASUS GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP/2DI/1GD5 Video Card

U s e r   R e v i e w

ASUS Exclusive Innovation Asus Exclusive Voltage Tweak Technology delivers up to 50% better performance while DIRECTCU Thermal Solution deploys 3* 8mm flattened copper heat-pipes to contact GPU directly for reaching up to 20% cooler than generic GeForce GTX460.

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1 January 2011 - 22:42Nokia C7 Unlocked Quadband Smartphone

* Integrated social networks
* Internal memory: 8 GB GPSS WIFI HDMI AMOLED

R  e  v  i  e  w

I purchased the Nokia C7 last weekend and so far, has been very happy with the phone. Symbian 3 OS is definitely a much better OS than the old one. I bought the C6 earlier which has the old OS and HATED IT! I returned it after a week. I decided to wait for the release of C7 and was happy that I did. For perspective, this is definitely not an iPhone 4; but if you do not want to spend a lot of money for an iphone 4, then this is something you might want (definitely have) to consider.

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